His lessons are Everywhere

This weekend I went to the mountains and our car got stuck and God taught me something very valuable. First, we tried pushing, but being that we were a bunch of petite women... we didn't really have the strength. So we began to shovel our car out of the mound of snow. Then we placed car … Continue reading His lessons are Everywhere

Stay motivated

Today is a new day. It will bring brand new blessings and brand new battles. But within every uncertainty there is hidden possibility.So I don't dread any challenge that lies ahead Because I remember all the victories behind. And my confidence is not in my circumstance. The Spirit of God is my supply. -Steven Furtick

Cómo Ganar Dinero Aparte del Trabajo

Primero, permítanme decir que NUNCA debes vivir cheque a cheque. Encierra muchos riesgos. Sin embargo sé que a veces no hay una manera posible de no vivir así, entonces si necesitas algunos dólares extras, aquí hay algunas formas de ayudar. 1. Mantenga un registro de dónde va su dinero Con demasiada frecuencia no miramos nuestro … Continue reading Cómo Ganar Dinero Aparte del Trabajo