This past Thursday and Friday I went to the 93rd Annual Denver Newstrain. I learned so much I’m not sure where to start. We learned about different things every journalist should know, with the changing times.

1. Smart mobile storytelling

Nowadays, so many people use their smart mobile devices to read stories. So as journalists, we have to learn to pertain to the reader.

This means that by making sure we keep in mind they are using their smart mobile devices we are earning trust, increasing click throughs, and encouraging users to stay and explore.

Christy Robinson was the speaker. She gave us 7 tips:

  • Kick off with a summary
  • Break up the text
  • Go for the ‘what we know/what we don’t know’
  • Explain
  • Show, don’t just tell
  • Tell the story differently
  • Optimize your stories for search and social

2. Social branding for journalists

Anthony Quintano was the speaker. His flight was cancelled the day before, so he rented a car and drove over night to Colorado from Las Vegas. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.

Anyways, we learned the importance of personal branding. He said that we need to use social media to be our resume in progress. Also, to make sure that we keep up with the fast changing and updating social media outlets.

Facebook is looking for more privacy. Twitter is under redesign processes. Instagram is moving towards the shopping industry.

3. Shooting smarter video with your smartphone

Aaron Ontiveroz taught us how to make videos with our smartphones with the app Adobe Premiere Clip. We spent the morning working on a short one-minute video.

It was awesome knowing how important details are. It also taught me that even though video may be difficult to make, it’s what really ‘sells’ nowadays.

Also, with the need to want information quick and now, using apps like the one we used to be so important.

It was an overall amazing experience for getting to know how much the industry has changed and getting to network with people because no just students attended, actually the majority were those already employed in the journalism field. Thanks #denvernewstrain!

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