This weekend I went to the mountains and our car got stuck and God taught me something very valuable. First, we tried pushing, but being that we were a bunch of petite women… we didn’t really have the strength. So we began to shovel our car out of the mound of snow. Then we placed car mats under the tires and rocked the car back and forth. Finally it was rolling and we went on our way.

If we hadn’t asked one another for help and ideas, we would’ve probably been sitting there till the snow melted.

Help is necessary to roll forward in life.

Asking for help is crucial to making things easier and more efficient. It’s okay, healthy and even makes a good impression.

It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help. If anything it’s a sign of strength, humility and respect. So why do we more often than not, try to do life on our own without God’s help.

God is consensual. He will step in if you ask, but if you want to do it alone, he’ll let you do so. James 1:5 says that if you ask, he’ll answer.

Step forward and ask questions, ask for advice, ask for help. It makes you wiser, less stressed and helps to make you more confident by being less prideful.

It won’t only help you through your walk with God, but through your walk in life. You will become a better student, coworker, employee, girlfriend, boyfriend, teacher, etc. Asking questions fixes problems.

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