I wish I could understand everyone’s cultures and customs, but I’m not God.

After finally traveling, which I never thought I would do, I learned that I know very little. American culture is so widespread that we tend to focus only on that rather than learning about others.

In school I know I learned about world history and geography but when asked where Hungary was I couldn’t place it on the map. I didn’t even know the Fall of Rome was in the 5th century.

Almost all europeans speak a minimum of two languages; their mother tongue and English, then many others.

Hearing seven languages (spanish, german, english, korean, chinese, italian and french) all at the same time makes you realize that there is so much about the world that you don’t know.

I’m still honestly a little shook that some people can literally speak all those seven languages.

I want to continue to learn.

I want to learn about the history of countries and the wars and the hurt. I want to learn about the triumphs and the happiness and about the language and customs.

Before coming I had always wanted to learn at least 3 languages, I was going to double major in linguistics for goodness sake haha, but now I want to learn like 8.

I cannot believe how much I don’t know and how much I have to learn. I’m so glad that I’m so young and have all the time to learn. I love learning.

I believe that once you stop learning that’s when you die, at least mentally.

I never want to stop learning about the differences between cultures in the world

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