Keep your joy your own responsibility. You know exactly what you like, exactly what makes you smile and feel happy, exactly what you dislike and exactly what makes me unhappy.

Literally no one else in the entire world, not even your mother will keep you happy. You have to put it in your own hands. That’s something I have been learning since being in Spain “alone”.

If you want to truly be happy, you have to be the one that makes it happen.

I’m not saying that you have to be alone and that other people won’t make you happy, yes those things are very much so possible, but what I’m saying is that your happiness is in your hands.

You choose how you experience things.

For example, if you are gifted a cupcake and you’re so excited to eat it and then you drop it, you can chose to let it ruin your day or you can laugh it off and continue on. In doing this you learn to be a healthier individual.

If you don’t know how to be an individual you will, most likely, constantly be looking for someone to fill the gap and your relationships will not flourish but mostly end badly.

No one will ever be able to keep you happy 100% of the time because, no matter no one will be focused on you all time. You cannot constantly need someone to fix you, only you can fix you and only you can make yourself happy.

God is the only one that will ALWAYS understand. Be dependent on yourself and committed to peace.

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