I never expected to study abroad. I never thought much about traveling. I never thought that I would get to experience and learn what I am.

The world is huge. If anything I have learned that I am just a person. I hold not much importance, but I can change the world if I am determined enough to.

It takes one person to make a change, but it takes a community to create a revolution. 

For example in Catalonia a man named Francesc Macià started to change the people’s perspective to show them that they could be a “politically free, socially just, economically prosperous, and spiritually glorious” Catalonia without Spain. He created a change, but the community is still working towards a revolution. The same concept of one person inspiring a revolution is seen in Martin Luther King Jr.

I believe we all know of his historical speech, “I have a dream,” and how much he changed our United States not by himself but by sparking the fire that ignited the historical shift. Being able to be here has allowed me time to think about who I am, who I want to be and what I want. Do I know the answers? Now that’s a different story.

I have learned that it’s okay to not know what you want and to be afraid, but when it stops you from making the most of different and diverse experiences that is when the problem arises.

Coming to Spain I was absolutely terrified, I thought about staying in Colorado for the longest time and after arriving I realized that I was simply fearing the unexpected. If you live your life fearing the unexpected it is okay, for fear is inevitable, but once you let it control you, you will begin to live a vapid life.

You must control your fear not the other way around.

I took a huge leap when signing up for classes here. All of my classes are taught in Spanish and I have a surfing class. Before coming here, I was not fluent and I was terrified of the ocean and didn’t know how to swim.

I decided that I needed to stop trying to stay in my bubble of comfort, I decided to burst my own bubble.

I was even placed into a higher level of Spanish after coming here and I am so thankful I was because I am learning so much and can speak fluently now. Of course I struggle sometimes, as does anyone learning a new language, but I speak with much more fluidity than I did prior to arriving (which is crazy because it’s only been a month and a half).

I love the ocean. I could swim in it all day and live on the beach. I thank God for helping me take that leap to take surfing. It is most definitely the hardest sport I have ever done (then again I haven’t done very many) and I get salt water up my nose and tumble in the waves every single time, but…

the greatest and most exhilarating moments derive from the hardest and most exhausting times.

I am in love with the amount I learn each day and passionate to learn so much more about myself and the world around me.

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