Religion has such a negative connotation nowadays. “The church is judgemental, they aren’t welcoming, they only want people who look nice, who act politely, who blah blah blah”… This is disgusting and wrong. God is for everyone. It honestly breaks my heart…

Yes, sin is bad everyone knows that, but it does not mean that you aren’t worthy to have a relationship with God. Everyone needs to be reached out to and be welcomed into His presence.

Yes, of course people who already have a relationship with Him need to be in the church as well, but churches shouldn’t be only filled with people who grew up in the church

Even Matthew 9:9-13 explains how Jesus spent time with the “bad”.

I think that we often forget that Jesus was human. Let me say that again.

Jesus was human!

So, why do we think, “Oh I can’t do what He did…” when he literally was just like you and me. What makes Him different?

He had a very very dedicated and strong connection with God, I guess that’s what makes Him different.

Nowadays I haven’t met any young person who began going to church because they want to. They’re forced to come or have always come to church since they were little.

So now the question lies as to why it’s like this.

When did it become okay to stop sharing Christ? When did it become okay to have only people in the church who grew up learning about the church? That doesn’t make sense…

I am sick and tired of those in the church putting down everyone, people in and outside of the church. What good is that??

We need to love.

I feel of that was the case, there would be a lot more people who would feel encouraged to have a relationship with Christ.

But because we judge so harshly and forget that we are supposed to be reflections of Him so many people live a lonely, sad, depressing life. They want nothing to do with God all because of what one person said, or didn’t say.

I’m heartbroken that a lot of the times we don’t look through a God’s lens but through a worldly lens.

Like if you saw a girl who was all alone and crying and had bruises and cuts, you would run to help her right? But as soon as you put skin on, those hurts that the girl is having isn’t important, only the clothes she puts on her back.

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